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Opening Hours

<p style='font-weight: bold'>Mon, Tues & Thurs:</p><p>8:00 AM – 4:30 PM</p><p><b>Wed & Fri:</b> 8:00 AM – 2:00 PM</p><p><b>Sat & Sun:</b> Closed</p><p>The office will also be closed on some Wednesdays and Fridays throughout the year</p>

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Tooth Extraction

Dental Extractions and Wisdom Teeth Removal

All these can be performed under local, sedation or general anesthesia. Depending on the type of impaction,quantity of type or degree of impaction, many people elect to have all wisdom teeth removed in one visit and under either sedation of general anesthesia. A wisdom tooth extraction first involves opening the gum tissue and removing any bone that covers the tooth. The tooth is then generally cut into several pieces along with the removal of any connecting tissue which is separated so that the entire tooth can be removed. Care has to taken to ensure that any of the other teeth in the surrounding vicinity are not damaged, and in the bottom jaw (mandible) a nerve generally runs in close proximity to the roots of most wisdom teeth and special care has to be taken to minimize any potential of damage to it. The area is then securely, sutured closed and a pressure is placed with gauze to control bleeding.Wisdom teeth are quite tolerable if proper postoperative care is taken to minimize swelling, improve quick recovery and avoid complications.

Generally, painkillers are prescribed to keep patients comfortable throughout the first few days of recovery as well as an antibiotics and anti-inflammatory medication.Ice placement on the face and cheeks for several days as well as a soft diet and liquids for the first few days is advised. Directions on what to do for maintaining proper oral hygiene to avoid problems with infection, bleeding and other complications aregiven well in advanced to help prepare the patient in understanding what he/she will be experiencing. Recovery for most cases is generally completed in about one (1) week after the procedure.

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Routine Extraction
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Surgical Extraction
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