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Your perfect smile is a call away!

What Is Dental Plaque?

Tips for Back-to-School Dental Care

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), tooth decay is the primary chronic infectious disease that affects children, and approximately 19% of children ages two to nineteen currently have untreated tooth decay. The start of a new school year is a great time to schedule a dental check-up for your child – […]

Are Fruits Healthy for Your Teeth

Fruit is an undisputed winner in the healthy snack category: whole, fresh fruits are full of fiber, antioxidants, and vitamins – especially Vitamin C, which is a crucial nutrient the human body doesn’t produce naturally. But fruit isn’t always the best snack for the health of your teeth. Most fruits are high in sugars and […]

What Are Craze Lines?

Are craze lines driving you crazy with worry? It’s normal to feel concerned when you notice lines running up the front of a tooth – you may be worried your tooth is fractured, decayed, or damaged. However, these lines are only cosmetic imperfections. Craze lines are defined as small, vertical hairline cracks that only affect […]

Smoking and Oral Health Risks

It’s time to clear away the smokescreen: there is nothing “cool” about smoking. It is detrimental to the health of all your body’s systems and approximately one out of every five people will die from smoking related illnesses each year, according to the American Cancer Society. There is no safe way to smoke: cigarettes, cigars, […]

The Dangers of Crooked Teeth

A crooked smile is considered to be a charming facial feature. . . but crooked teeth, not so much. Society perceives that people with straight teeth are more intelligent, successful, and happy, and crooked teeth can be a source of shame, decreased self-esteem, and a loss of confidence in your smile. In most cases, crooked […]

Oral Care for Children

There is no sight more precious than baby’s first smile. And in order to preserve that perfect grin there are several oral care steps parents need to be taking when children are young and their teeth are still growing and developing. So when should parents start providing oral care for their children, and teaching them […]

What Causes Tooth Sensitivity?

Every so often, it is normal to feel a twinge of pain or sensitivity when eating or drinking food products that are hot, cold, sweet, or sour. But if you experience consistent sensitivity with hot and cold foods, or sharp flashes of pain when you brush and floss your teeth, you may have dentin hypersensitivity […]

Dental Hardware Care

When it comes to caring for dental hardware – such as braces, dentures, a retainer, or mouthguard – you should treat your equipment as if it’s a second pair of teeth. Like teeth, dental devices in your mouth are viable surface areas to collect food debris, plaque, and acids. When these unhealthy substances adhere to […]