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The History of the Tooth Fairy

The History of the Tooth Fairy

Like America’s other two famous folklore figures – Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny – the tooth fairy slips in and out of houses in the middle of the night to deliver gifts or money to sleeping children. In exchange for this small gift, the tooth fairy takes a baby tooth, left under each child’s […]

Common Tongue Problems

We roll it, wiggle it, and wag it – without it, we can’t speak, chew, swallow, taste, whistle, lick, slurp, and laugh. Your tongue is a mobile, dexterous group of muscles that affects every movement in and out of your mouth. Its surface is covered with small, fleshy protuberances called papilla, which contain most of […]

Cracked Tooth Syndrome (CTS)

In 1964, a new dental condition was termed: cracked tooth syndrome (CTS). Cracked tooth syndrome is diagnosed when a tooth has a hairline or incomplete fracture of the tooth dentin, pulp, and/or root. These hairline cracks are frustrating to dentists; CTS is difficult to detect and diagnose, because the fracture is often too small to […]

Dental Hardware Care

When it comes to caring for dental hardware – such as braces, dentures, a retainer, or mouthguard – you should treat your equipment as if it’s a second pair of teeth. Like teeth, dental devices in your mouth are viable surface areas to collect food debris, plaque, and acids. When these unhealthy substances adhere to […]

Causes of Dry Mouth

We’ve all had a little taste of dry mouth at some point in our lives – ever woken up with morning breath? That dry, sticky feeling and bad breath first thing in the morning are two common signs of temporary dry mouth (xerostomina) that occurs naturally when we sleep. Xerostomina is a condition in which […]

Common Dental Problems

The odds are good that at some point in your life, you’ve battled a nasty toothache. Or a cavity. Or even just bad breath that won’t go away. We’re risk takers with our mouths – we consume cavity-causing candies, crunch down on ice cubes, chew on tobacco and gum. So when pain erupts unexpectedly in […]

How Sugar Causes Cavities

It’s the matter-of-fact phrase used by moms worldwide, after you’ve been caught rummaging through the candy dish before dinner: sugar will rot your teeth out. But is this just a suburban myth or does mom know best – will eating sugar cause cavities? The truthful answer is yes and no: sugar does play a role […]

Women in Dentistry

By the year 2020 women are poised to become the predominant faces in dentistry. [1] Today, female dentists make up nearly half of the field and that percentage is expected to increase in the upcoming years – as of 2013, 60% of young practicing dentists under the age of 44 were women. [1] And if […]